When the EOP "Ease Out Protocol" is engaged the system will only allow you to sell that percentage of your total  position. This number will change depending on the risk factor to price that our software is calculating.  IF THERE IS TOO MUCH SELLING PRESSURE WHILE THE EOP IS LOW THIS CAN RESULT IN THE EOP REMAINING AT LOWER LEVELS FOR LONGER PERIODS OF TIME.  The system is attempting to neutralize sellers, and to chew through that selling pressure.  Also because we are a utility token, our price strongly correlates with both bitcoin, and BNB'S movement.  They can, and will have an impact on the EOP. 

Robodoge spinning gold coin.gif

                     Contract: 0x2f657932e65905ea09c7aacfe898bf79e207c1c0

Pancake Swap Error Fix

Important Update!!! 

Robodoge Coin is in the process of re-branding and migrating to Avalanche.  We have been updating the community through our socials regularly.  Updated information can be found in our telegram group. If you have any questions we are standing by in telegram to assist! We thank everyone for your continued support, and we look forward to the next chapter in our journey. 

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Tokenomics Explained

17% Tax Applied To Every Sell "No Tax On Buys!"

5% reflected back to holders

6% added to locked liquidity pool

2% burnt forever

3% reflected to marketing & Development wallet

1% reflected to neuroscience & AI charity wallet. 

This tokenomic model is far more advanced then other contracts.      There are several advantages with this type of smart contract.


Supply decreases with every single transaction, "Hyper Deflation" adding more value to each token as time goes on.  There is also a function in the contract that when supply gets burnt it actually destroys those tokens.  Burnt supply simply does not just sit in the dead wallet, we are actually destroying supply as it is burnt, completely taking away from both total supply as well as circulating supply. Making each token more valuable naturally as supply reduces. 


The added liquidity will also help to stabilize price action. 


The reflection back to holders acts as a reward.  Since Robodoge is not alive, and doesn't need treats to stay motivated, we can instead reward, and treat our holders. 


Also with a slightly higher tax bracket on transactions this will help to keep day traders, and scalpers out of the project.  Resulting in far less volatile price swings.  

If you open a brand new position and sell within one week of opening that position there is an additional tax of 17%.  That additional tax is done for two reasons.  One to limit both day trading and scalping strategies resulting in far less price volatility.  And two, to create a buffer reserve pool for the staking mechanism. The reserve pool will then be used first for holders claiming interest from staking.  In the event that the reserve pool gets drained from holders claiming their stake the contract is then set up to mint enough supply to cover any owed interest.  Because we have created this "buffer" reserve pool it will ultimately lead to far less new supply being minted and the model can still hyper deflate. 

This model is very much designed to reward loyal, long term holders.  Because we are a very long term scoped project, we have chosen to ultimatley cater to holders with a long term mindset.  This is not a place to pump and dump.  The system will not allow for the dump.  This model is designed to enforce responsible trading and to attempt to keep holders safe.  

Transfering to other wallets while EOP is engaged- The EOP will only allow you to transfer the same percentage that it will allow you to sell to another wallet when it's engaged. Example. The EOP is engaged and at 10%.  Holders can sell 10% of their holdings, and holders can also only transfer 10% of holdings to another wallet.  This is an extra blanket of security to ensure there is no way to get around the EOP function that is designed to keep our holders safe.   

Cool down period-  If you max out what the EOP allows you to sell, you will experience a cool down for a period of 24 hours. The best is to not sell if the EOP is engaged. Let her do her job, let price support, and buyers step back in.  But we also understand skimming some profit.  So the system will allow you to skim some profit that Aria has deemed is safe.  This is a responsible trading system, a system that thinks about everyone, a system that is designed to tackle the two worse enemies in trading.  Fear, and greed.  The EOP is everyones personal body guard.  She is there to attempt to keep you safe, to enforce responsible trading, and to help you approach price action, and trading like a professional trader would. 

Buying when the EOP is engaged- The EOP is designed to tackle fear, and is strictly in place for the sell side.  You may buy as much as you wish even when the EOP is engaged. 

When the EOP is not engaged it is trading as normal, and you are free to transfer to other wallets as you see fit. The EOP is simply in place to prevent deep panic sell offs, bot pump and dumps, whales dumping, and from price collapsing all together.  

Aria & The EOP Function

We have created the very first stand-alone, fluid tokenomic model.  Tokenomic models are, and have been completely static, and can only work within the confines of how they are coded.  They simply do not have the ability to adapt.  Aria changes all of that.  Aria was designed in attempt to prevent panic selling and tackle the core issue that is causing price to collapse.  and that is the fear driving the panic.  The EOP will simply limit selling pressure.  It is a fair system that will allow every holder to only skim some profit when the EOP is engaged and not "dump"  Price will then naturally find support as sellers will dry up.  Price should then  recover as buyers step back in.  The liquidity pool will stabilize, and the  EOP will raise, and ultimately toggle off if conditions are well enough. 



NFT Marketplace! 


Liquidity Locked For 3 Years!!!


5% Reflection Back To Holders

5% of every RoboDoge transaction gets reflected back to it's holders in additional RoboDoge tokens.

We are partnered with one of the biggest names in blockchain development, & software engineering.  Our Founder is also a 17-year trading veteran with a background in digital marketing and campaign management!!!

Technical Analysis Trading University!!  


Rapid Innovation Audit

green check mark_edited.png
green check mark_edited.png

Finally A Smart Contract That Was Designed To work!!!

Our Charitable Cause


Why have we chosen to donate to neuroscience & artificial intelligence charities?  Because the sky is the limit when it comes to these evolving technologies. 


These programs will directly be responsible for the advancement of mankind. 


These technologies are making breakthroughs in health, space exploration, and improving the quality of life. 


We share very similar views with Elon Musk when it comes to how, and why mankind should push to further explore these technologies. 


Plus they are just cool!!!! 

-White Paper-

Why RoboDoge?  May we answer your question with a couple questions of our own?  

  Would you prefer to be a part of a project that was coded by some highschool kid in their mothers' basement? Or would you prefer to be a part of  a project that was put together by a professional team of coding experts?  

  Would you rather hang out with a project that is ran by a group of kids with very little investing knowledge, or campaign management skills?  Or would you prefer to be involved in a project that was created by an individual with a 17 year career as an investor/trader?  And what if this individual also has a back ground in graphic design/video communication, and campaign management?    

A fancy white paper is absolutely no good unless the development team fully understands how to get from point A to B, then to C etc.... and how to reach milestones in a project.  

green check mark_edited.png
green check mark_edited.png
green check mark_edited.png
green check mark_edited.png
green check mark_edited.png
green check mark_edited.png

-Initial push to build community

-Social Proof Social Media Channels

-private sale

-Deploy Contract

-Reach caps

-Reach 5000 Telegram Members

-Continue To Develop Content

-Influencer Marketing Push

-Laser Targeted Marketing Ads

-Billboard Ads

-Listing On Coin Gecko

-Listing On Coin Market Cap

-25,001 Telegram Members

-25,001 Holders

-Third Party Audit

-Donation To Charity

-100,001 Telegram Members

-100,001 Holders

-Wallet Development 

-Wallet Beta Testing

-Wallet Release

-Listings On Major Cex Exchanges

-Merchandise Release

-Development Of RoboDoge Robot

-Interview With Elon Musk

-150,001 Telegram Members

-150,001 Holders

-Celebrity Endorsements

-Celebrity Sposorships

-RoboDoge Music Video

-Further RoboDoge Merchandise Line

-Once we have achieved every single mission in the previous phases we will release operation PAW. 


This project is so top secret that we cannot release the details of this project until we have the platform to do so. 


It is crucial that we succeed in every single mission.  But what I can say about operation PAW is this.  It is the biggest, the coolest, and something that the crytpo community has never seen! 


Be excited, because we promise it is so beyond cool!!

-We will continue to market like no other

-By now and through operation PAW every person in the world will know about RoboDoge. 


Most want to give you the moon.  We want to send you to the outer reaches of the solar system. 


Meet The Team


The super, smart contract that is complete awesomeness!


Steampunk_dog (1).png

Professional Investor, Marketer, & RoboDoge Coin Founder


image0 (53).jpeg

  Admin Manager


The Muscles, Just kidding! Head of investor relations


image0 (45).jpeg

Much Paw, Much Paw!!


Are You Ready For The Future Of Crypto?

RoboDoge Coin 

"The Evolution Of Crypto!"